Benefits of Foot Detox Patches

In this day and age everyone seems to be selling a new detox formula.  Over the counter products touting a healthier you though their detox formulas line the aisles of almost every grocery store.  But, have you ever tried foot pads?  Ironically this type of detox system has been around for centuries.  It could very well be one of the first forms of detox ever created.  So, what’s the deal?  Do they really work and how do detox foot pads really work?

The body is a unique in that it works best when it is fueled by nutrients that it craves.  Unfortunately many of us fill our bodies with foods that are processed, high in fat and cholesterol and are generally horrible for our bodies.  The reason?  Our bodies become accustomed to the food we feed it.  When we eat food at places like fast food establishments, we are fueling ourselves with food high in sugar and other processed products that is not healthy.  It is also the reason our bodies become toxic.  Along with smoking and alcohol, food can in itself be extremely toxic.  So, detoxifying your body takes a couple steps.  The first, obviously is to change eating habits.  Secondly, use a detox system that works.

Although detox foot pads have been around for centuries, many people still think this is a ridiculous way to detoxify the body.  However, if you think about how the body works it may not be as crazy as it sounds.  Detoxifying the body through foot pads uses the same premise as trees which absorb nutrients and water through roots.  The pads are placed at points of the foot the same way as acupuncturists place needles to target certain organs and muscles.  The feet have points where nerve endings stop.  From our heads to our toes, nerve endings are throughout our bodies and end at our feet.  Foot pads were designed by Chinese who believed that by rubbing the feet, blood circulation improves and helps with the central nervous system as well as improves organ function.

foot patch before and after
So, you may be wondering if there is some validity to all of this.  Can foot pads actually detox your body?  Ironically foot pads have received some pretty positive reviews from the people who actually used them.  The key is to actually go through the process.  It’s recommended to wear these pads at least eight hours a night and for five days minimum.  As you use the pads, at first they will be discolored and dark in color.  This is from the toxins which are being absorbed through the pads. After a few days the pads will eventually become lighter in color. This means they are working and your body is in fact become less toxic.  These pads do need to be changed regularly  after each use.

Detox foot pads can and do help to detoxify your body, however as much as you detoxify the body you have to also eat right and exercise.  This is probably the most important part of the detoxification process.  It’s imperative that you actually follow the plan to the best of your ability.  Quitting smoking, eating healthy foods like vegetables and foods with low sodium, low fat can benefit you threefold.  Detox foot pads can rid the body of toxins but keeping the toxic out means eating the right foods.  The majority of all toxins comes from ingestion, meaning we take them in.  So, the choice is yours, eat right, exercise, and detoxify your body the right way.  Start detoxifying yourself with detox foot pads.  You’ll be glad you did!

For a comparison of the detox foot patch options. visit: or the manufacturers website:

- Ari Vinograd, CEO, Wise Choice Health, Inc

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Effective Ways To Eliminate Bad Toenail Fungus

no toenail fungusWhen considering how to approach your toenail fungal infection treatment, you’ll find many options, including oral medications, topic antifungal drugs, home remedies and natural solutions. This chronic problem impacts millions of people, causing unsightly toenails, embarrassment and sometimes even spreading to fingernails. Something has to be done to stop it.

Symptoms include:

  • white, yellow or green discoloration near the edge of a nail
  • pain or soreness of the nail area
  • thickening of toenails
  • crumbling at edges of nail
  • abnormal or rough nail surface
  • scaly skin around the nail bed
  • separation of the nail from its bed
  • and other similar symptoms.

Here are some common ways to eliminate bad toenail fungus from your life:

  1. Systemic antifungal pills like terbinafine, itraconazole and clotrimazole. These are powerful medications with a long list of potential side effects, but their effectiveness has been proven. Still, they don’t always work for patients.
  2. Topical antifungal treatments like ZetaClear Nail Fungus Treatment. A topical treatment is simply painted on the toenails and soaks through to do its work. This may be supported with a natural, homeopathic dietary supplement.
  3. Laser treatments that heat and kill off the fungus, disrupting the cycle of infection and allowing the nailbed to heal so that fresh, new nails can grow. Options include Fox Diode laser therapy, Noveon-type lasers and Pinpointe-type laser therapy.
  4. Surgical destruction of nail growth. With the base of the nail destroyed, the nail fungus goes away, but nail growth is stopped as well, so this is used by doctors only in the most severe cases.
  5. Application of natural oils individually, like tea tree oil, grapefruit seed extract and others. Since supplements and topical solutions are available that include several oils and preparations in combination, it often makes more sense to use one of those.

People sometimes apply Vicks Vapor Rub, vinegar and other solutions to nails or take actions including hand and feet massage, but none of these have been proven effective against stubborn toenail fungus.


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Get A Huge Discount With A Puritan Pride Coupon

puritan pride productsWhen you want to get healthy, it is easy to want to do a drastic change. However, all it really takes is simply watching what you eat and adding vitamins to your everyday diet. With a Puritan Pride coupon, you have the chance to save a lot on the vitamins you are going to need in order to get to the healthy weight you want.

With a Puritan Pride coupon, you are going to be able to save up to 50% off Fish Oil, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin E, and others. It is always a smart investment to focus on your health because the day is going to come when you are going to have to resort to a lot of different medications to start the day. When you think about your health now, you won’t have to take so much. It is important to get into the “new you” right away if you are going to avoid any unpleasant things.

By using a Puritan Pride coupon, you can choose from a variety of different categories. From Vitamins to Aromatherapy all the way up to Health and Beauty and Pet nutrition! This is all due to the healthy choices you need to make in order to make your body stand out like it did before. People have many reasons why they want to be able to lose weight. It is often that people take vitamins for a bit and then quit. This is not a good idea.

A Puritan Pride coupon is going to open the door for you to evaluate yourself and allow you to spend money on something which is going to benefit your body. With the low prices already, you aren’t going to freak out at the price of the vitamins which are going to give you want you need. With a satisfaction guaranteed or your money back policy, you can’t go wrong with this. Going on a diet, exercising and having a plan are only part of the complete workout. You have to take a supplement if you are going to want this to be over soon.

It is hard to workout, but when you have a supplement giving you the energy to perform your best, you are going to be able to get a more intense workout. You have to make the lifestyle change if you’re going to do anything about the way you look. A Puritan Pride coupon is going to help you get back on the ride you need to be on to be able to focus your time and energy in perfecting the “new you”.

It is hard to workout, take vitamins and watch what you eat. However, it is something that we all must do if we are going to achieve the goals that we have put out there to be completed. It doesn’t take that much to think of what we would do if we needed to lose weight. It is always important to remember that you have to start somewhere.

To take advantage of this coupon, visit:

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Coping and Managing Life After Herpes

coping with herpes

Finding out you have herpes can be devastating because symptoms are painful and unpleasant and the disease cannot be cured. But there are ways of coping and managing life after herpes.

Once the shock, sadness, fear and embarrassment start to fade, it’s time take action.

People who are dating have a major issue with dealing with herpes because it must be revealed to potential partners. While no one wants to be stigmatized, revealing the condition is essential. And in many cases, the response from the potential partner is that he or she also has the disease. As many as 25 percent of people do. When a strong non-physical relationship already exist, revealing a herpes diagnosis doesn’t necessarily kill a romance.

Lifestyle changes can help manage herpes. These include:

  • practicing positive thinking to keep the immune system strong and limit the likelihood of a stress-induced outbreak,
  • identifying outbreak triggers like sunlight, cold, lubricants, hormonal changes or depression and working to eliminate them,
  • avoiding chafing or irritation while having sex to reduce the likelihood of systems occurring,
  • maintaining a strong immune system by eating healthy food, drinking more water and staying at a healthy weight,
  • taking nutritional supplements including a multivitamin, antioxidant supplements and antiviral supplements as well as additional herbs, olive leaf extract, goldenseal, Siberian ginseng and other preparations,
  • avoiding known triggers like chocolate, dairy, nuts, raisins, corn, wheat, seeds and anything you suspect may cause outbreaks for you.

Coping and managing life after herpes is easier when you’re vigilant and take the right actions to keep this incurable but manageable condition in check.

While coping and managing life after herpes is a lifelong commitment, there is support available from doctors, counselors and others who can help you make smart decisions and limit the number and severity of outbreaks you experience.

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How To Find Your Cosmetic Brands

There is a large number of products out there being offered by cosmetics companies that you might want to look into as well as a number of categories these products belong to. It’s not surprising to find out that the cosmetics industry is a billion dollar one and thus new products keep coming out for its ever-demanding market.

The reason why we’re seeing products by cosmetics brands becoming cheaper is because competition in these markets is fierce as well as the fact that we keep on spending more money than ever. The good news is that the overall quality of an average product doesn’t suddenly drop and you can expect to get a quality product even for a low price as long as you know where to look! There’s a careful manufacturing process that goes into making these products and the largest companies are probably your best starting point.

pleasing care

What Are The Best Cosmetics Brands?

Maybe you’re trying to learn more about which cosmetics brands are currently popular which is why we’ll get started by discussing the business. This is a $20 billion dollar plus annual industry and one of the largest brands out there is L’Oreal which is probably one you’re familiar with.  Other brands include Avon, Oley, Nivea, Pleasing care, Oriflame and Dove.

The majority of these companies have been manufacturing cosmetics for a very long time (over a hundred years) and although they first started out small, they eventually managed to expand and got to where they’re at today. What you’ll find when it comes to cosmetics brands is that these products will either be characterized for being cheap or expensive. The popular companies usually fall somewhere in between.

History And Current Status

You’ll have to acknowledge that this is a large industry and similar to other business industries, it really is marked by the average customer’s demands hence it responds to that. What most people initially wanted was access to cosmetics but they didn’t want to pay premiums for them. This is also why the first cheap cosmetics products were made available in America at the start of the 20th century and they later merged into a company called Revlon.

Now the market is very open and you’ll notice people are manufacturing cosmetics themselves, you can find brands everywhere in shopping malls and you can even purchase home facial products online to get a discount. This industry has come a long way since those first cheap cosmetics products were released a century ago and now they’re available to just about everyone out there.

The best part about an open market such as this one existing is that it benefits the average shopper – they can choose from more brands and even get discounts consistently as long as they purchase from the right websites. Companies like L’Oreal also retain a presence on the internet and offer discounts for their customers. Generally you should be able to waking into a shopping mall and get a decent price on branded cosmetics, but this is made a lot easier when done online.

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Get Free From Sports Injury Pain With ART

chiropractor patientThe best chiropractor Frisco, TX has to offer is the one who can solve your pain and flexibility issues and get you back in the game. When you choose a Frisco chiropractor with experience in Active Release Techniques, you’ll be better as quickly as possible.

ART is a simple and effective way to diagnose and treat sports injuries. Perhaps the most amazing thing about it is that complete healing is possible in just 4 to 9 visits to your Frisco chiropractor. Some people don’t realize that you can permanently get rid of pain and stiffness as well as flexibility problems with a simple series of procedures that locate and break up scar tissue.

ART Works For Soft Tissue Injuries

Any injury to a ligament, muscle or tendon gets the same response from your body: the formation of fibrous scar tissue. But this scar tissue isn’t as flexible as the original tissue and can generate pain. If everything happens just right, the scar tissue runs the length of the original tissue and helps to strengthen and protect it. Sometimes, however, it grabs nearby structures and creates adhesions.

Adhesions can be cleared up with ART when you choose the same chiropractor Frisco, TX residents just like you are already depending on. These techniques lengthen and restore muscles and give you back the range of motion and strength you need while getting rid of inflammation and pain.

It’s Manual Treatment That Works

Your Frisco chiropractor can use ART to manually evaluate your condition and treat it too. Specific tension applied directly to the body while you actively move through prescribed motions does the job to improve your overall condition. As scar tissue breaks up, your body moves more smoothly and you get relief.

With ART, you may experience some discomfort at first, but having ultrasound treatment after Active Release Techniques are applied can help with inflammation and speed up healing.

Tingling, aches and pains are often caused by an accumulation of soft-tissue injuries, and these can be effectively and rapidly treated with ART, a simple and non-invasive technique that your Frisco chiropractor can use on anyone. Why not give it a try?

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Recovering from a foot injury, applying a cast cover and more.

waterproof cast cover

After spraining or breaking a bone in your foot then after initial x-rays to see the extent of the damage a doctor will often advise you to wear a cast for several weeks whilst the injury heals, they will give you a set of crutches and send you on your way. Although not weight bearing on this injury is essential towards the healing, this does not mean it is easy to cope with.

Many find wearing a cast a difficult thing to do mentally in terms of keeping themselves occupied as well as recovering well and trying to do as many normal day to day activities as possible. Whilst exercise is although not out of the question, there is a limit to what you can do.

You can always work on your upper body strength which will help you handle crutches for longer periods of time, building up your upper body strength as a form of exercise is also great because it releases endorphins which will help with your mood should it be low as a result of your injury effecting your mobility.

Swimming is still possible!

One thing that many don’t realise is that you can still attempt to go in the water, although you have to be careful not to slip and might need some assistance with getting around, you should not limit yourself when it comes to this, you can easily use one of DryPro’s waterproof cast covers which will keep your cast dry and allow you to enjoy the water. This again keeps your spirits up and ensures you get plenty of exercise and keep your mind occupied.

Dealing with your injury

Nursing a foot injury can sometimes be a lot worse than an injury anywhere else as it does effect your mobility, the thing to remember is that it is only a few weeks of your life and you can then move on and leave it behind. If you require time off work it will give you an opportunity to clear up any outstanding tasks you may not have had time to do such as paying billings, sorting paper work and everything else you wouldn’t be fond of dedicating your free time to.


The important thing is to think positively, you will get back to normal and hopefully you can learn from your mistake (whatever it was that lead to your injury!). Take some time to relax and just count down the days, the day you go in to have your case removed you can then call in a celebration!

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Stomach Flu: Symptoms – Causes and Treatment

abdominal crampsGastroenteritis literally means inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Gastroenteritis that spread from a virus is also called “stomach flu” which is extremely common in children and is highly dangerous. Bacterial gastroenteritis is also known as “food poisoning” and is caused by food that has been prepared or stored improperly.


Most people who become infected with these viruses won’t have any symptoms, as about half of these people are immune.  Once in a while, an adult will get an infection severe enough to be noticeable. Children are much more likely to feel symptoms.

Symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea. Movements of bowel are usually loose and watery. Low fever, aching muscles, abdominal cramps, and headache are also possible. Rotavirus and Norwalk tend to produce the first symptoms 1 to 3 days after infection. Most of the time people recuperate within 2 or 3 days without any serious or long-lasting health effects.

More serious symptoms include:

  • Vomit or stool that contains blood
  • Long-duration vomiting, such as more than 48 hours
  • Fever that is 101 degrees F. or more than this
  • Abdominal swelling
  • Dehydration

Causes of Gastroenteritis

Viruses such as the norovirus cause gastroenteritis. Other than the norovirus, three other viruses are also common causes of gastroenteritis in USA: the rotavirus, the astrovirus, and theadenovirus, which tend to cause disease in infants and young children. They are spread by contaminated feces. Viruses find their way into food or water or onto insects or people who later touch and contaminate food (fecal-oral transmission). These viruses are tough enough to beat modern sanitation practices.

Norovirus is the typical form of gastroenteritis. It can occur at any time of year and this virus spreads by the fecal-oral route, and can also be transmitted from person to person.

Rotavirus mostly affects infants aged 3 to 15 months. Statistics show that an epidemic wave of rotavirus sweeps across US each year that starts in the Southwest in November and ends in the Northeast in March.

Adenovirus is the second most common cause of gastroenteritis in children under 2 years of age.

Food poisoning is the result of a person eating food that has grown bacteria that can cause gastroenteritis.

Home Remedies for the Stomach Flu

Most cases of gastroenteritis go away on their own, especially if caused by a virus. But a young child with fever and diarrhea or vomiting should be seen by a doctor. If vomiting or severe diarrhea persist for more than 2 days, doctor should be consulted. Stick to the so-called convalescence diet: clear liquids; consider oral rehydration solutions, such as Pedialyte. These have a balance of salts and sugars.

Washing hands frequently provides the best defense against the Norwalk virus. Owing to the fact that exposure to even a small amount of the virus is enough to make you sick. The virus can survive on inanimate objects and food for extended periods of time – perhaps as long as 12 days.

The following care is important for preventing food poisoning:

  • Utensils and cooking surfaces should clean.
  • Essentially  wash hands before and after preparing food.
  • Rinse food thoroughly.
  • Clean cutting board with soap and water before and after use.
  • Make sure all food is cooked thoroughly (especially seafood and poultry).
  • Food should be served without any delay, after cooking.
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How To Last Longer In Bed

last longer in bedWho else would like to know everything about preventing premature ejaculation and yoga in order to get more stamina in bed?

Did you know that a recent study has shown that there is a strong connection between preventing premature ejaculation and yoga? Find out the two best how to last longer in bed exercises by reading this article!

Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual problem affecting men under the age of 40. It is so common in fact, that according to researchers more than half on the planet have experienced it as some point in their lives. As with any problem, scientists and common people alike have been trying to find ways to solve it. In this case, we are talking about ways of providing more stamina in bed.

It should be noted that there currently is no FDA approved cure or treatment of PE, which means that even doctors as sort of improvising. What we do know however, is that since PE is caused mostly by psychological factors, the best way to deal with it is by coming up with natural ways to last longer in bed, like psychotherapy and behavioral therapy. Despite that however, a lot of men and doctors prefer the easy solution, yet temporary, solution of SSRI pills which as also known as antidepressants.

A recent study however has shown that there is a very powerful connection between preventing and controlling premature ejaculation and yoga. The study was done on men with premature ejaculation problems, half of whom took SSRI pills, while the other half did Yoga exercises that are known to prevent premature ejaculation. At the end of the study, there was an 86% success or improvement rate reported by the group that took the pills, while that rate was 100% (!!!) for the met who tried the how to last longer in bed exercises! So without further ado, let’s see those exercises that got perfect results:

  • Sarvanga Asana or the shoulder stand
  1. Lie in a supine position with your palms flat on the floor and as close to your body body as possible. Your toes should be touching.
  2. Start inhaling. While you inhale a lift slowly both your legs, while making sure that you don’t bend the knees.
  3. Now, put some pressure on both your palms and try to lift your body as much as possible, while keeping it as straight as you can.
  4.  Stay at this position for a few seconds and then go back to the original position by first bending your knees and then slowly lowering your body back to the floor.

This posture essentially reverses the blood flow and makes your blood flow to your tissues, cells and organs.

  • Supine head knee posture
  1. Sit upright with your legs straight in front of you.
  2. Fold your right leg at the knee and place the heel firmly under your left thigh.
  3. Take a deep breath, then bend down over your left, while slowly exhaling. Grab the toes with your fingers and bring your head as close to the knee as you can.
  4. Stay in this pose for a while and then take your body back to the original position.
  5. Make sure that you do not bend your knee at any time.

This is one of the most effective how to last longer in bed exercises, because it enhances the working of the reproductive organs.

As you can see, Yoga is one of the best natural way to last longer in bed, since it is more effective than the drugs that doctors prescribe to PE patients. Keep in mind though that it’s only one of the many natural techniques and methods to prevent premature ejaculation. If you would like to find out more on how to overcome PE, then you should definitely read the two best guides about overcoming it: Ejaculation Trainer and Ejaculation On Command. Those books have helped countless men with their PE problem and they will definitely do the same for you.



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Forget Smoking And Try Vaporizing Marijuana Instead

By The Canadian Vaporizer Shop

Smoking marijuana is a bad idea. Vaporizing it using a marijuana vaporizer, however, is a smarter idea that can get you high quicker and easier and can get you the medical benefits you want with fewer side effects.

While there are many people who already understand and prefer vaping, it might be time for more to learn about it. In some circles, vaporizing is a common and proven way of getting marijuana into your body without taking in all the other substances in cannabis smoke as well. You see, vaporizing gets you all the psychoactive and medical benefits with none of the unfortunate effects that happen when smoke is created.

Devices called marijuana vaporizers are designed especially for the purpose of allowing active cannabinoids to be released without releasing certain harmful things that naturally exist in marijuana flowers. While these elements are invisible, that doesn’t mean they can’t be harmful if inhaled.

vaporizersA cannibus vaporizer works very simply: it heats the material to just the right temperaure to release the cannabinoids and their psychoactive and medical benefits without reaching the point where smoke can be produced. That means the temperature reaches about 375 degrees F or so — and no tar or carcinogenic gases are ever released, eliminating many negative side effects.

In addition to reducing potential long-term health effects, there’s no irritation to the lungs, throat or mouth when using a vaporizer. Interestingly, water pipes — which seem like similar devices — provide no such benefit in long-term or short-term side effect reduction.

Take note, also, of the difference in the quality of vapor versus smoke. Vapor contains perhaps 95 percent cannabinoids — the things that provide the health and psychoactive benefits.

Smoke, on the other hand, is perhaps 88 percent “other” things — that is, things besides cannabinoids that don’t provide any benefit and could cause you problems.

So which sounds better to you: smoking or vaporizing?

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Safe shopping and free shipping with iherb coupon code

Shopping for health products can be troublesome if you are not looking in the right place. People usually shop for these health products at the nearest retail stores. In that case, it is not easy to find the exact product for your requirement. You may have to use the nearest alternative to the product you are looking for, because the retail store may not have the stock for your product. Many people face this situation on a daily basis. Even if you manage to get the product you are looking for, the price of the product may not be the best one available in the market. However, you cannot roam around the entire market to save some money. To avoid all these hassles, you should ideally choose the online method to shop for health products. When it comes to health products in the online space, iherb is one of the best companies available in the market. You can also use the iherb coupon code to save a lot of money and get lots of discount on every purchase of health products.

iherb coupon page

Get huge discount with online shopping

The best method to save money while shopping for health products is to go for online shopping with iherb coupon code. Even with online shopping, there are many products and companies which offer these service. If you are confused about how to choose the best one, you should carefully look into some of the features of these companies. Ideally, you have to check the amount of discount available with these online portals. Another important factor to look out for is the inventory of the company. Some companies may offer huge discount but may not have all the products under one roof. You should make sure that the company has a large inventory of health products under one roof so that you can complete all your shopping in one place. This will also add up to your discount if you shop for all products in one place. The largest inventory of health products and nutritional supplements is with iherb company. You can use the iherb coupon code while shopping and get all the benefits of a huge variety of products under one roof. They have more than 35000 products to suit the requirement of different customers.

Another big advantage of using iherb coupon code is the free shipping available with the company. Most of the times, getting the product at your doorstep will be a huge challenge. This company has one of the best distribution network and when you shop for health products using iherb coupon code, you can be rest assured that your products reach your place in time and in perfect condition. All these factors are the reason behind the growing popularity of iherb products in the online world. You will also save a lot of money every time you shop with iherb. The iherb rewards program will ensure that you get credits every time your referral makes a purchase. You can later redeem these points while shopping with the company.

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